SKU: 22110658000
  • Mini JetVac unit ideal for restrictedaccess applications
  • Robust 3.2 tons 4-wheel drive Ford Ranger chassis
  • Aluminum tank with 1,200 litres total capacity
  • Height under 1.85 metres for underground parking access
  • Powerful high-pressure and vacuum pumps
The new Rioned UrbanCombi combination unit is developed for working in height restricted areas and narrow city streets. This small combi unit is also well suited for use on difficult terrain and in rural areas.


Underground car parks

Because the total height of the car is less than 1.85 m, the UrbanCombi is ideal for use in parking garages.

Four-wheel drive

Despite its compact size, the UrbanCombi is very suitable for cleaning both horizontal and vertical pipes and for draining grease traps or small septic tanks. It is a versatile vehicle which, thanks to the permanent 4-wheel drive, can also access the most inaccessible places.

Aluminum Tank

To reduce the weight of the vehicle, the 1,200 litres tank and lockable toolboxes are all manufactured using durable aluminum. The tanks has an 800 litres wastewater and 400 litres clean water compartment. It has fixed supports to neatly stow lengths of suction hose. The tank has a 3” inlet and 3” outlet valve. The suction hose reel is equipped with 25 metres of 2” suction hose.


Don’t be misled by its size! The UrbanCombi has two powerful pumps to get the job done. The P45 high-pressure pump delivers pressures up to 320 bar, allowing the operator to clean vertical pipes from the ground up. The GD SLS54V vacuum pump offers a massive suction capacity of 325 m3/hour, similar to that of many larger combination units.

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Product Specifications
Abmessungen (LxBxH) 5500 x 1950 x 1850 mm
Füllhaspel 35 meter NW19
Wasserbehälter 1.200 litres (400 litres clean / 800 litres waste)
Saughaspel 25 metres 2” suction hose

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